Our commitment to Responsible Volunteering

We understand what motivates volunteers and what makes a memorable volunteer experience. We have been placing volunteers at our projects since 2006 and have built up a wealth of knowledge in the last ten years about what makes volunteering rewarding for volunteers as well as impactful for the fantastic projects we work with.

We also know that there are many organisations offering international volunteering placements and that choosing who to volunteer with is not an easy decision. But not all volunteer organisations are the same. In fact some are ‘for-profit’ travel companies who pass on very little of your money, if anything, to the communities they work with. Well, that's not us!

Read on or watch our short video presentation to find out more about what makes Globalteer different and why you can feel confident you are doing the right thing when you choose to volunteer with Globalteer.
Orphanage volunteering
Volunteering with vulnerable children carries a huge amount of responsibility and any organisation that does not take this seriously should be avoided. One of the areas where vulnerable children are most at risk is orphanage volunteering, so we want to make it very clear what our thoughts are on this subject. Read Globalteer's views on orphanage volunteering here.
What makes Globalteer different?
1. Globalteer is a registered charity:
We are not a business, we don’t have share-holders and we don’t make a profit. We’re not even a business with a charitable foundation as a side-line - we are all charity and our reasons for doing what we do are 100% charitable! Of course we have to run Globalteer as efficiently as possible to make sure that the money we raise is used wisely and our charitable work has maximum impact.

We have a dedicated team of just 8 full-time and a 2 part-time management, admin and support staff. In addition, more than 90% of our staff are based “in the field” which not only enables us to keep are our overheads well below 'western' standards but also means we are contributing to local economies all year round. As a registered charity our activities are audited once a year as are our accounts which are available to view on the Charities Commission Website.
2. Every penny we raise goes towards our charitable objectives:
Unlike “normal” businesses, as a registered charity we are governed by UK government rules and have a legal obligation to only use the money we raise to help us do our charitable work. Whilst that does include the unavoidable costs of running the charity, but we keep those as low as we possibly can.

What’s more, as well as covering costs such as accommodation and transport when you are volunteering, a share of every volunteer placement fees goes directly to our partner projects. Since 2006 our partner projects have benefited from donations totalling almost £2.2 million thanks to Globalteer!
3. We are one of the pioneers of Responsible Volunteering:
Since day one we have focused on making all of our volunteer placements truly responsible so you can be sure you are contributing to a meaningful cause with long-term, sustainable impact. We are members of Tourism Concern’s Ethical Volunteering Group and Associate members of Keeping Children Safe.

We have introduced detailed and robust child protection policies into many overseas projects and are one of the few volunteer organisations that insist on background checks for all staff and volunteers working with children.
4. We genuinely value and need volunteers:
We believe that your relationship with your volunteer project is a two-way thing where you and the project both benefit from your contribution. And a crucial part of that two-way relationship is the existence of a real, community-driven need for the work that you will be doing.

We have been working with most of our partner projects for many years and also run our own projects so we know them inside out. We know just how much they are helping their communities, we know their aims and we know their needs, which is where you, our volunteers come in. Your time will always be put to good use when you volunteer with us.
5. We really look after our volunteers:
From the moment your placement is confirmed, we start helping you to prepare for your trip – the better prepared you are, the more of an impact you can have at your project. We give comprehensive, tailored travel and health advice and even send you a packing list. We also communicate with you regularly by email or Skype before you set off so that you know exactly what to expect when you arrive and what duties you will be taking on at your project.

We only place volunteers at projects that have been vetted by us and who we know personally. Even our remotest partner projects have been checked out by our own staff. All of the projects we work with have English-speaking staff in their teams of local employees to help your volunteering go as smoothly as possible. And for volunteers in Siem Reap, Cusco and Medellin we have Globalteer staff ready to welcome you and help you during your stay.
Now you know what makes Globalteer different, why not browse our volunteer projects to see which one is most suitable for you. If you would like to know more about the Charities Commission and view our audited accounts and annual reports, please visit the Charities Commission website. For a full account of where your money goes, please click on the button below:
Globalteer is a charity registered in England and Wales no. 1119706
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