Volunteer Cambodia Combination Placements

If you would like to help out at more than one of our brilliant Cambodian projects or just can’t make up your mind which project to work with, then one of our Cambodia Combination Placements is the ideal solution. Read on to find out how you can make even more of an impact during your time in Cambodia.

What is a Cambodia combination placement?

If you would like to volunteer with more than one project and experience even more of Cambodia’s fascinating culture then choosing the Cambodian Combination offers you exactly that. You can combine placements at any two or more of our projects in Siem Reap and spread the love a little bit further.

Even when you change projects you will not have to change your accommodation so you don’t have to worry about packing your bags half way thought your trip. You will still be able to keep in touch and socialise with the other volunteers at our central Siem Reap guest house but you will also get to meet lots more of our Cambodian partners and leave with an even bigger network of Khmer friends when its time to go home!

The minimum duration for a Cambodian Combination placement is 2 weeks and the maximum 12 weeks. The projects you can choose from are:

·       Cambodia Community Project
·       Cambodia Clean Water Project
·       Cambodia Women’s Empowerment Project
·       Cambodia Food and Farming Project
Duration: 2 to 12 weeks

Hours: 5 days per week

Activities: Assisting local staff at the clean water, Women’s Empowerment, Food and Farming, Community and Sports projects.

Location: Cambodia

City info: Medium sized rural town with many of amenities and close to Angkor Wat

Accommodation: Private en-suite room, in a friendly modern guesthouse with pool

Requirements: Aged 18+

Volunteer Placement Fee: From GBP £905 / US $1075

Community Project

The Cambodia Community Project works with established schools in disadvantaged communities around Siem Reap in Northwest Cambodia. It gives underprivileged children a better start in life by giving access to free education and many other important services. Volunteers mainly help out in the classroom and the playground and we strongly recommend that volunteers spend a minimum of two weeks on this programme. Combining this project with the Women’s Empowerment Project allows you to work directly and to experience life with two different generations of Cambodian society. Find out more about the Cambodia Community Project here

"I would definitely recommend this project! It’s a truly unique little place and now has a special place in my heart."
Sarah, Teacher, USA

Clean Water Project

The Cambodia Clean Water Project saves lives and helps protect livelihoods by giving rural communities access to clean drinking water. Volunteers at this projects help to construct bio-sand water filters which the project then distributes to rural communities, giving training on usage and maintenance in order to maximise the life of each filter. The project is also involved in educational and agricultural programmes and so offers a holistic approach to finding sustainable solutions.

Volunteers on this programme would most likely find the Cambodia Community Project and the Cambodia Food and Farming projects equally rewarding. Read more about the Cambodia Clean Water Project.

“It is a sustainable project where the progress you make in only 2 weeks can benefit numerous communities for generations”
Yasmeen, Australia

Women’s Empowerment Project

The Cambodia Women’s Empowerment Project provides previously marginalised women with new skills, a steady income and the opportunity for personal development in a safe, friendly and fun environment. Volunteers at this inspirational project work with the women who will teach you how to make beautiful products from discarded litter and you can even join them in their town centre shop to help sell their wares. There is also a chance to take part in Khmer literacy classes with your new co-workers. This really is a placement like no other.

Combining this project with the Cambodia Community Project will enable you to work directly and to experience life with two different generations of Cambodian society. Read more about the Women’s empowerment Project.

Food and Farming Project

The Cambodia Food & Farming Project works with communities around Siem Reap to help them move away from the hand to mouth existence of subsistence farming and fishing. Volunteers working on these sustainable food programmes will be primarily assisting local and project staff in the maintenance and upkeep of the market gardens, farms and fish farms run by our partner projects.

You could find yourself digging the ground in preparation for planting, planting seeds, transplanting seedlings, harvesting crops or even gathering organic materials for compost. Because of the nature of this project and the similarities its aims, you may like to combine it with the Cambodia Clean Water Project. Read more about the Cambodia Food & Farming Project. 

Child Protection Policy

All volunteers for this project will be required to undergo a background check in accordance with Globalteer's Child Protection Policy.

2 weeks:

3 weeks:

4 weeks:

5 weeks:

6 weeks:

7 weeks:

8 weeks:

9 weeks:

10 weeks:

11 weeks:

12 weeks:

£905 / $1,075
£1,070 / $1,270
£1,235 / $1,465
£1,400 / $1,660
£1,565 / $1,855
£1,730 / $2,050
£1,895 / $2,245
£2,060 / $2,440
£2,225 / $2,635
£2,390 / $2,830
£2,555 / $3,025

£1,195 / $1,420
£1,360 / $1,615
£1,525 / $1,810
£1,690 / $2,005
£1,855 / $2,200
£2,020 / $2,395
£2,185 / $2,590
£2,350 / $2,785
£2,515 / $2,980
£2,680 /$3,175

Volunteer Placement Fee

The volunteer placement fee includes:
·       Project donation.
·       Airport pick up from Siem Reap international airport.
·       Other pick ups possible upon request.
·       Cambodia orientation on arrival.
·       Town tour.
·       Accommodation for the duration of your stay.
·       Free breakfast.
·       Free daily transport to the project locations.
·       Free bicycle loan.
·       Free stainless steel water bottle
·       Free drinking water.
·       Exclusive Globalteer discounts around Siem Reap
·       In-country support from our volunteer co-ordinator, regional manager and Cambodian staff.
The volunteer placement fee does not include food, flights, visas or insurance although we can provide information as required. Air conditioning and extra nights are not included. Free bicycles are provided although with distances and climate it may not be possible for all volunteers to cycle on a daily basis.

Groups and families are welcome at this project. Returning volunteers and those doing multiple Globalteer projects will receive a discount of US$70 / GBP£50.

Upgrade accommodation is approximately an additional £108 / US$127 per week which includes aircon.

Reserve Your Place

Application process & requirements

Reserve Your Place
Application process & requirements
The minimum age for volunteering is 18 years old at the time of commencement of the placement. Families are welcome at this project. The project usually attracts a great range of ages: No specific qualifications are necessary as we have placements for most skills. Travel insurance is highly recommended for this project.

Please complete your application as fully as possible to ensure we utilise your skills in the most effective way. Volunteers are required to be respectful and open minded to the cultural differences they will encounter in Cambodia.
  1. Click on the link below to fill out an application form.
  2. Add "@globalteer.org" to your E-mail safe list to ensure that you receive a response.
  3. Your application will be reviewed and if accepted you will be notified via E-mail within one week.
  4. Pay your deposit to secure your placement within one week of acceptance.
  5. Undergo your background check for the safety of the children.
  6. Research your destination, book your flight, visit your doctor for inoculations and ask us any questions you may have.
  7. Full amount is to be paid 10 weeks before the start of your placement.
  8. Comprehensive information will be sent to you including a packing list, Cambodia cultural differences, Buddhist Monk etiquette, useful Khmer language phrases, volunteer placement rules, useful phone contacts and full programme information.
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