Responsible Volunteering

Volunteering is an amazing way to gain an insight into the culture of a country. By volunteering with a sustainable and responsible project you will not only become part of the community you work with, but will also be making a valuable contribution to long term solutions for the community served by the project you work with.
Really meaningful volunteering is much more than simply sending in groups of eager volunteers to dig a well or paint a classroom. Meaningful volunteering has to be part of a bigger plan, and a plan that genuinely addresses the needs of the communities we are trying to help. Without proper thought, volunteering can be time wasted and in the worst case scenarios can actually do more harm than good. And if your volunteering placement is not part of a long term plan, with sustainable solutions to real problems, then all your hard work may be forgotten as soon as your placement is over.

Which is why finding the right placement is so important. Globalteer has built up relationships with number of carefully selected community, wildlife and conservation projects over the years and as a consequence our placements fit all the responsible volunteering criteria that we believe are so important to sustainable development.

When you volunteer with Globalteer, you can be confident that you are making a real and lasting contribution.

 Why Volunteering with Globalteer is a Responsible Choice.

  • We have built strong relationships with local partner projects over many years
  • All our projects have measurable long term goals answering genuine needs and never compromise on their mission or their objectives in order to accommodate volunteers. 
  • Globalteer volunteers work alongside local staff not instead of them
  • Your volunteer donations make it possible for projects to employ salaried local staff
  • Globalteer volunteers are never required to undertake duties you don’t have experience to effectively perform
  • Volunteers with relevant specialist skills are always encouraged to share them with local staff
  • All volunteers working with children must have background checks and sign up to our Child Protection Policy
  • All volunteers are given full cultural briefings, descriptions of duties and comprehensive travel and country guides prior to departure.
  • Full inductions and accompanied familiarisation tours are conducted shortly after arrival in-country.
  • All our projects have full time staff in country to take care of volunteers and ensure your placement is productive and your stay an enjoyable one.
  • As a registered UK charity and not-for-profit organization, Globalteer is required to ensure that 100% of all monies received are used to help achieve our charitable objectives
 In return for your commitment and for giving your time to volunteer with our communities, you will encounter a variety of new challenges, sharing new experiences with new people. You may learn new skills that will give you confidence to face challenges in other areas of your life. And at the same time you will be giving appropriate support and help in areas where it is needed most. Volunteering is a unique quality that is found in only a few individuals.

Volunteering overseas is a way of gaining a new perspective about the world, connecting with people of other cultures and putting your sense of social responsibility into action. You may not be able to save the world, but you can have a positive effect on a piece of it.
Donations for Volunteering.

Paying a donation to volunteer can seem a strange concept to the uninitiated. Why should someone charge you to work for free? But this is a common misconception about volunteer travel. Arranging a meaningful and responsible volunteer placement that works for both volunteer and the host project takes time, and inevitably costs money. The volunteer work is not what you are paying for. Furthermore, a share of your donation goes directly to the project where you will be volunteering, and all the projets we work with have been carefully chosen by us to ensure that they share the same responsible and sustainable objectives as Globalteer.
So where does your donation go? The exact cost of each element of your placement varies from project to project, but in all cases your donation covers the cost of your accommodation, pre-departure preparation and in-country orientation, supervision and training. For many of our projects it also covers the cost of food and daily transport to and from your placement location.

It also goes towards the cost of running and managing our operations in the countries where we operate, which enable us to identify worthy and sustainable projects and host organisations, as well as helping us to recruit suitable volunteers.

The partner projects we work with not only need your help as volunteers, but also rely on donations to help them in their constant battle to raise funds to cover running costs and to pay for much needed resources. As such they are not in a financial position to cover the costs of hosting volunteers which can add up quickly. In addition, your donation helps to create and pay for employment of local workers, with local language skills and who can also stay with the project long term.

As a registered UK charity, Globalteer is required to ensure that 100% of all monies received are used to promote our charitable objectives. The majority of your donation goes directly to the country that you are travelling to.
For further details go to our “where your money goes” page
Globalteer is a charity registered in England and Wales no. 1119706
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